Navigator 5

Having problems with the BMW Navigator V VI or the TFT display?
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Navigator 5

Post by hammo »

As i am still not a tech freak yet i have not invested in bluetooth set for my helmet , my question is can i set up my Nav 5 through bluetooth to my mobile phone using an ear phone so i can hear travel instructions through my phone .
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Re: Navigator 5

Post by beemerboy9 »

A typical bluetooth headset has 2 channels that can be used simultaneously - a headset profile channel for connecting a mobile phone and a music (A2DP) profile for receiving travel instructions from the SatNav. You decide which one has priority (but it is usually the phone).

Folks who always have the Satnav on the bike, pair the phone to the SatNav and then the SatNav to the headset. The SatNav will then display the Caller ID.

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Re: Navigator 5

Post by Casbar »

With my Packtalk I have my phone paired to the Nav VI and to my helmet. When I have the Nav on, it controls the phone, when I'm on a bike with no Nav, the phone goes direct to the helmet. There doesn't seem to be any conflict with having the phone paired to both the Nav and the helmet at the same time, makes things a lot simpler, as there is an app on the phone to control the BT unit so needs a direct connection to the helmet if you want to use it.
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