Comfort Seat

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Comfort Seat

Post by matgriff »

Hi, can anyone tell me if the BMW comfort seat for the 2005-2010 models is lower that the original or standard height ?

I'm looking to improve the seat on my 2005, and I've seen a couple of the genuine comfort seats, but they look lower than the original, and I need something the same, as I already have mine on the high setting, as I've got long legs.


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Re: Comfort Seat

Post by simbo »

Hi, yes the comfort seat is slightly lower than the standard height stock seat, about 20mm from memory
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Re: Comfort Seat

Post by percy »

Try a third party seat like the Corbin or Sargent seats. I've managed to pick up second hand Corbin seats for both my old 1100 and the 1200 I have now and find they're much more comfortable than the standard seats. I've heard good things about the Sargent seats as well. I haven't measured the height difference but they feel about the same.
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