Jumped the other way

General discussion of the BMW R1200RT/R1250RT
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Jumped the other way

Post by Sprintgull »

For a good while I'd been thinking about how to persuade my better half that updating the 16MY 1200 to a new 1250 was actually a pretty smart move.  After much thought I failed.  Then, last week, on impulse, I went for a test ride on a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.  What a blast!  Took me right back to when I started riding in the 70s sat out in the breeze with 60mph feeling quick.  It reminded me of all the reasons why I've kept with this bizarre pursuit for so many years.  Riding home on the RT made me realise what a good bike it is too in a comfy, rapid, creature comfort way.  When I got home my good lady could tell by the ear to ear grin that it had been a good day.  Doing the numbers, I could buy one of these for less that it would cost me to trade my perfectly good RT for another perfectly good RT.  So..... I've bought an Interceptor which will be here for 1 September on a 69 plate.  And (BMW are you listening) it has a three year warranty.  Once past that, it will be a simple home maintenance project.  It has electronics (a fuel guage, two trips and light bulbs) and riding modes (on or off controlled by a strange piece of metal called a key.)

The way I see it is there are no overlaps between these two bikes at all; the RT can traverse continents in one bound in comfort and at speed.  The Interceptor can traverse counties at a decent pace provided stops are taken for tea and chats with all those who seem intrigued this retro kind of bike.  One is for tours and long stints, rain or shine; the other is for sunny days trundling about carrying only what I can stuff in me pockets.  They are at opposing ends of the motorcycle spectrum and both brilliant bikes in their own right.

This is going to be fun.....
Hors Piste
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Re: Jumped the other way

Post by Hors Piste »

BMW give a 3 year warranty now....apart from that I agree that the Interceptor looks like a great bike (although the worst bike I ever owned was a Royal Enfield 250, which had admittedly seen better days (poor student xth hand buy).  Noraly (Itchy Boots) shows us what can be done on a basic RE single, a real inspiration.

Jealous I am. hmmm
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Re: Jumped the other way

Post by MikeS »

This chap's put a few videos on YouTube about basic maintenance.
Not everybody's cup of tea but I quite like his style of presentation.


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Re: Jumped the other way

Post by Casbar »

I test rode one, didn't like it. Think there are better bikes, but obviously cost more.
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Re: Jumped the other way

Post by simbo »

Nice bike, a complete contrast to the RT in a nice way. More about enjoying life at a more relaxed pace whilst soaking up the nods of appreciation from bikers of bygone times. 👍
The GS 'is' the better bike :-)
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Re: Jumped the other way

Post by jackronner »

First time I've ever felt a grin coming through my computer!!  My first bike, a '71 Bonnie, was bought in London.  A main complaint of mine about the RT is that it lacks the wonderful dual-exhaust note at a stop light.  The old ones had it, but I'll never forget sitting at my first stop sign in Tooting, listening to that that delicious, rhythmic burble, and thinking (soooo rightly):  "I'm gonna be doing a LOT of this!".  I've always said that nostalgia is a bit like neuralgia and the other -algias:  a disease of the elderly.  Enjoy the hell out of it as you take the curves down memory lane.
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Re: Jumped the other way

Post by Old-Git »

Good choice. I want to get my 500 bullet sorted out this winter (wiring loom issues and recommisionning for the road) and then trade for an Interceptor.
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