Sat. Nav. - Expected Lifetime

Having problems with the BMW Navigator V VI or the TFT display?
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Sat. Nav. - Expected Lifetime

Post by David. »

It's not a competition but I'm interested to know what Sat. Nav(s). folks have/had, how long owned and any problems etc.

I'll kick it of with, I've got a 10 years old Garmin Zumo 660, haven't had any problems with it, not even changed the battery.

If at sometime in the future it does fail, I'd probably replace it with a BMW (made by Garmin) unit as the cradle/mount is currently the same for both.
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Re: Sat. Nav. - Expected Lifetime

Post by Steve398 »

In general mine have lasted at least 10 yrs, I’ve only had one car mounted Tomtom go wrong after about 6 yrs.
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Re: Sat. Nav. - Expected Lifetime

Post by Sharkfighter »

I’ve got a Zumo 660, similar to David I’ll probably do the same.
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Re: Sat. Nav. - Expected Lifetime

Post by PatM »

I've had a zumo 550 fail me years ago. It was out of guaranty and replaced with a refurbished 550 that I later sold for what it cost me to have replaced. Then I had a zumo 395 which I gave to my wife, to use on her bike. Big mistake. LOL Don't ask.

I got a Nav V with my '16 RT, no issues. After 2 years I found out not to keep it on my bike, in sleep mode. I needed a new battery.
Then I got a used Nav VI and got a bit of the ghost issue. I keep it clean which seems to work for me. It's an European model so I don't know about getting it replaced in Canada.
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Re: Sat. Nav. - Expected Lifetime

Post by PeteM »

My old TomTom Rider 2 was about ten years old when I retired it, no problems at all, only retired because it was so old they stopped updating the maps.

And I still prefer TomTom UI over Garmin, particularly for planning.
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Re: Sat. Nav. - Expected Lifetime

Post by MikeS »

Nav V which I got in 2015 with a GS as they were including them with the bike as a promotion.
No hardware problems but did have an issue with an update in 2017 which left me no maps on a trip to Spain (which didn't become apparent till I'd got off the eurotunnel in France).

Now on the RT, dropped it a couple of times putting it in the mount but keeps going strong.
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Re: Sat. Nav. - Expected Lifetime

Post by burridge01 »

Started off many years ago with a Zumo 550 that gave up after many years happy use.Sent it back to Garmin with a cheque for £111 to get it refurbished.About a month later i got a new/refurbished 660 with all the mounts for the bike and car.Sold all the 550 stuff on ebay and as good as got me £111 back.Had the 660 for about 6 years,stuck it on me work bike one day,was a couple of miles from home and realised i no longer owned a 660 >:(

Replaced with a TomTom 550 premium and i love it,find it so much better than the Zumo.

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