Drive shaft Service

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Drive shaft Service

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I cant believe the number of people getting this wrong i just called my dealer and even they don't know, Molub-Alloy Paste TA is for lubricating the drive shaft splines & STABURAGS NBU 30 PTM is for sealing the rubber boot Please share.



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Re: Drive shaft Service

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Just what is it that people are getting wrong ?.
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Re: Drive shaft Service

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I just did this service.  I didn’t use anything like that.  I used never seize mixed with some oil . Even done my airheads in the past. This way never. And issue a thin flim of rtv. To seal the rubber thing ..... I’ve used this mix from heavy equipment to cars to bikes with out problems or issues that mix will be there for a very long time. 
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Re: Drive shaft Service

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I can't get the suggested options in Australia. Obviously I could get the BMW branded tube from my local BMW dealer but I'd rather not have to mortgage the house.
White Lithium Grease to seal rubber boot (also used to lubricate slides on 3D printers)
A heavy duty molybdenum grease for final drive spline:
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