New 09 or old 09

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New 09 or old 09

Post by Teapot68 »

Hi I’ve had my 09 now for only a week. I would very much like to get some extras for it especially mirrors. I’m finding it difficult because I’m not entirely sure which 09 I have? Is there a manufacturer chassis plate that I need to locate or a simple visual difference? Thanks in advance!
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Re: New 09 or old 09

Post by David. »

Finding the Location of the VIN on a BMW R1200RT 2005-2013,

When searching for parts, the last seven digits are required, in this case, ZM09433.

Using this VIN Decoder, will give the production date.

This thread might give you a couple of ideas, viewtopic.php?p=44377#p44377 (forget the title, just scroll down).

I believe GS mirrors will also fit.
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Re: New 09 or old 09

Post by Tones »

i have an 09 and have fitted mirrors.
Quick check, look at brake and clutch lever bar clamps, you should see an unused hole. If so, get onto Motorworks and they'll sell you the correct mirrors.
You'll be thankful you did, better views and then you'll be able to fit some bark busters hand shields. They'll keep your hands warmer and render the original mirrors as useless!!!!
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