Time for a new suit

Looking for Aftermarket parts and Accessories for your BMW R1200RT/R1250RT or found something useful you want to share? Or just a general question?
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Time for a new suit

Post by Gavj »

To start off, I must say I hate anything new clothing wise. I wish I coud pay someone o wear my ger for a couple of months before I use it  :alas:

So as for the title, I need new gear, Jacket Trousers(pants) gloves &  boots.

Well, whats worked for you guys? I dont mind paying Rukka prices if it works and is comfortable, Im 5 ft 9 ", 34 waist with shorty 29" inside leg, nearly a perfect darts players build.....

I hate getting my gear on, I looked at a Dianese jacket last week which had 4 bloody zips to fasten if you wanted warmth, waterproof and the outer jacket.. thats not on.

The thermal or inner liner on the jacket wil be replaced in the winter with my Keis heated jacket (full jacket includng sleeves).
An absoloute must is that the trousers have air vents, the jacket too.

Anyone bought anything recently they are impressed with?
Hors Piste
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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by Hors Piste »

I have a Rev'it! Trench jacket for sale, size L in Black, which would suit someone looking for "pre-owned" but "as new"  ^-^

I'm 5'9" with a 34 waist as well and it fits me fine.

The Trench is a 2 layer Goretex jacket cut slightly longer than most bike jackets.

See here https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/397527

As you can read there, the vents are "unparalleled" - not sure I would go that far but they work OK - better than a drop liner jacket of course in that respect. In excellent condition with the optional extra Seesoft CE Level 2 back protector included. Also of course the Rev'It! thermal liner, for what it's worth. I'm looking for £230 posted in the UK, so this is somewhat less than half new price if you include the back protector.

If you're interested I have some photos I can post here.
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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by Steve398 »

I generally run 2 suits - a Rev’it drop liner mesh, and a BMW Streetguard which I've just bought to replace a Rukka.

The Rev’it mesh which I've had for 10 years was inexpensive, great for summer and down to about 10c (with the liner) and infinitely better than shorts and flip-flops. My one concern is that without the liner the fit is quite loose and I doubt the armour would stay in place if I went down the road, particularly on the trousers.

The Rukka (which I’ve just sold after many years) was a pretty good fit, comfortable, and from experience really good in a crash (a friend, not me) but very pricey.
I do use their short Forsair gloves pretty much every trip, they're absolutely brilliant - comfortable, protective and a true 3-season glove. Rain and cold it's the Rukka Lobster glove.

The BMW Streetguard suit, which I’ve just bought, feels superior to the Rukka and was cheaper too. Armour, fit, ventilation all feel good and it also has a a detachable liner and, uniquely, a hood.
Day to day I'm in the Rev'it mesh jacket with the drop liner if it's really cool, Crowtree leather racing jeans, Daytona boots, and the Rukka gloves.
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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by Casbar »

Rukka laminated for me. Bought my suit 6 years ago when I started Blood Biking. Been out in all weathers all year around, it has never let me down and is still doing the job. Had a BMW suit before that, but went through the leaking jacket issues, apparently they had a bad year and replaced my jacket but it was never waterproof, so got my money back and bought the Rukka. Haven't heard anything bad about the BMW kit since, so guess its sorted. Also have a look at Klim. Moto Legends have some good kit reviews on their site and are a good company to deal with.
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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by Arek »

I used over the years some Richa, Oxford and Rukka. Don't even look at Oxford site. It is really not quality I looked for. For similar money you can have Richa which is far superior.
And for now I think the laminated gear suit me best for my riding style.
I had before so called 3 layer adventure gear. Concept maybe good. But when you are riding in rain few days, the outer shell soaking, and it stop to be nice. Laminated do not soak like that.
Now I'm slowly switching from Richa to Rukka, and I'm accepting the price, all my friends really recommend it. And what I see for quality and longevity of use, it is not bad decision.
Also Stadler get my attention, but the trousers wasn't really my shape. Rukka fits much better.

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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by Levisp »

+1 for Rukka. Bought mine in Jan 2009. My jacket discoloured and the whole suit was replaced in 2011. Apparently a bad batch of Goretex. I then had an issue with the rubber zip starting to come away from the jacket. Even though the jacket was 8 years old Rukka repaired the jacket free of charge. Excellent warranty. So the suit is now 10 years old and still looks good. There are other good makes now so I think it's more about what fits. Forget drop lined suits, laminated is the way to go. Motoledgends great company to deal with, well worth a visit. Also I am of the opinion that there is no such suit that will do all weathers. If it's hot you need a suit that breathes and anything truly waterproof won't work. Like wise if the suit is able to keep you cool I cannot see how it's going to be waterproof. Check out some of the information videos on the Motoledgends website.
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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by hammo »

Had a hein gericke suit for over 15 years but worn out now just bought a Spada all weather coat tested it in lashing rain and for the price it is excellent .
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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by Gavj »

Thanks for the feedback, food for thought.... I just hate trying on stuff, lost count of the number of trousers i tried before I found my Oxford suit which fits but doesnt keep water out or wind into the trousers  :(  I like the look of the Rukka gear......

Think I will need to get my girlfriend to drive me into town, have a couple of pints and then go shopping  :))
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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by BoB21 »

Rukka trousers, halvarsson wish jacet, Daytona boots, rukka and rev it boxxer gloves. These are go to for anything under 20 degrees or wet.
Warmer, rokker jeans and halvarssons new jacket £170.

Love all not cheap but ride alot.

Motolegends gets my vote as well, if willing to shop thier way.

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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by speedy »

I love BMW and Rukka Gear.  I put BMW at 1st, Rukka at 2nd (tied).  My other 2nd place gear would be KLIM.

I have a KLIM Latitude set and it is quite nice.  Some vents, all gortex and pretty rugged.
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Re: Time for a new suit

Post by PeteM »

I'm a Halvarssons fan, really good quality for the money, my jacket is looking a bit tired now but still waterproof - approx 15 years old. I just wash it once or twice a year with Nikwax.

Also consider their sub brand Lindstrands
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