Pulsating clutch disengagement

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Pulsating clutch disengagement

Post by 1worshipguy »

Hey all. I've never had a bad clutch so I don't know what one feels like. I don't know when it's time to replace one. Thus this new thread.

2009 R1200 RT-P - being a police bike, I know after 35,000 miles it has likely had a hard life for a clutch. I have made this bike my own and like everything about it, but I bought it to teach my ProRider classes from...thus I need the clutch to work well.

Here's the problem, when cold and after just a little bit (6-8 minutes) of practicing (friction-zone/rear brake tight turns), I get a harsh pulsating of the clutch as it disengages, i.e. it feels as if the engine is missing as far as power goes (not an engine issue as it never falters in sound or performance anywhere else). This pulsating also only happens in 1st gear, and it goes away with "normal" usage. Even first gear isn't an issue in "normal" use after it warms up. It only happens when cold or after a little bit of slow-speed practicing.

So, is this a new clutch in my near future? Or is there another issue I need to be made aware of? Thanks to all!
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Re: Pulsating clutch disengagement

Post by David. »

Is the clutch fluid level correct. When making tight turns, it's possible that air may be getting into the hydraulic system. Check the level with the bars on full lock, (left & right),  with the bike lent over slightly. The reservoir inlet/outlet may be exposed.

Dry clutches don't seem to like slow riding practice. I was doing some in a straight line at walking pace, it wasn't long before I could smell burning and see smoke!

Is the 2006 RT still available to compare against the 2009 RTP.
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