2015 RT-P Horn.

Got any questions about the BMW's R1200RT/R1250RT's onboard audio, Bluetooth or the Electrical system?
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2015 RT-P Horn.

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When I bought the bike a few months back the horn was working through a EzyCan setup. One day it stopped working and the lights stopped working on the EzyCan. So I bought a new Denali this time (basically the same thing) wired it in lastnight and the horn still it working via the switch but works through the Denali triggered via laptop. So it’s the dam handle bar switch. Easy to clean and put back together?? I noticed it stopped working after some wet weather event.
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Re: 2015 RT-P Horn.

Post by David. »

On my 2010 RT, had problems with the screen after the bike had been stood out overnight in the rain. Used some electrical contact cleaner to help drive out the moisture and had no further problems. The handlebar switches are a weakness, have had both mine changed on a now 2012 RT, the LHS one twice.

This K1600 Forum thread clearly explains the anatomy of the LHS switch, Anatomy of a lefthand combination switch failure | BMW K1600 Forum
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