BMW main dealer service

Having Problems with your BMW R1200RT/R1250RT? or have some Maintenance and Service questions?
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BMW main dealer service

Post by Doctor T »

This is my second 1200RT and only bought this one in December. Usual corrosion on wheels and peg plates. This doesn't bother me as i can sort this out when i get around to it. The bike has a fully stamped BMW service history. I've just done the main service myself. Found all moving parts along the drive shaft well greased and in good condition. Renewed the engine oil with my trusted Smith and Allen 15/50 f/S along with their gearbox oil. Used their oil in cars and bikes for years without any problems
This is all done i was still waiting for the air filter to arrive(delayed in the post). anyway, it turned up this morning. Before i carry on i noted that 05/2020 was marked on the oil filter. Took off the snorkel, it was filthy with bits of leaves, a length of rope twin, and other rubbish on the filter mesh. Lucky none got past the filter. On inspecting the filter which was a genuine part i noticed a date handwritten on the side. 17/09/18. Now the oil filter date runs true to the service date and the air filter date runs true to the service date back in 2018. Now looking again at the service book i can see this is when the previous owner changed the main dealer due to a house move. From the receipts, i can see he was charged every year for an air filter. Am not going to name the dealer so don't ask. This makes me think due to the plastics, do service centers think the owner will never check if new parts have been fitted?. To me, the previous owner has been getting ripped of for years and i wonder how many other bits they said they have done and in truth haven't. If i found out this happened to me, i would be running to the nearest lawyer.
This is the reason ive always serviced my own bikes. On buying a new to me bike i will always carry out a mains service as per the manufacturer
So what am trying to say is, even though a bike has a full service history and for peace of mind check it over yourself first when it arrives at your home.

Trust me am a retired Doctor and lecturer at Oxford University of Structural and Mechanical engineering.
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Re: BMW main dealer service

Post by Randyjaco »

I started my working life a bike mechanic at 3 different shops. I well remember what goes on in bike shops. As a mechanic you are highly motivated to get things done quickly. To keep my job in the larger shops I had to complete the work in half the time stated in the Flat Rate Manual. I am sure that there are many good shops out there, but I have never trusted them to do my work. I recently purchased a 2017 RT which was supposed to have been serviced only by a well respected local dealer. When I removed the Tupperware, I noticed that very few screws were in their proper location. They were just put in and tightened without regard for the shoulder lengths.
My advice is that any owner should try to as much of their own maintenance as possible or find someone you trust to do your work.
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