Dual Microswitch failure & replacement_Left handlebar

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Dual Microswitch failure & replacement_Left handlebar

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My 2015 R1200RT at 17,500 miles started to be intermittent during starts with the clutch handle fully pulled back and the transmission in gear. Normally.... the starter should engage and start the engine with the clutch handle pulled back... while the transmission is in gear.
The BMW part number for the 'dual microswitch' is: 32 72 8 537 609 and BMW charges $103.86 for this dual microswitch which is used in 67 BMW motorcycle models/years. This dual microswitch controls both the engine starting sequence along with cruise control functionality.

In researching this symptom, I discovered this is due to the 'dual microswitch' failing that is located in the clutch lever area on the left handlebar.
I also found others who have experienced this same problem around the same mileage on their RT's. This seems to be a systemic problem that BMW should address with a factory recall as it presents a very serious safety issue when an RT should stall in traffic,,,, which happened to me and almost resulted in a rear-end collision from an SUV distracted driver. I filed an NTSB Complaint 11479890, filed on 08/18/2022 as premature failure of this part may result in a serious collision risk to the RT rider.

I'm curious if others have experienced this problem and at what mileage point & BMW model/year?

What was your experience in replacing this switch and did any BMW dealers do this under warranty?
(note: my screenshot of BMW Tri-Valley BMW Motorcycles is to only depict BMW information for this item, this dealer is an exceptionally good BMW motorcycle dealer in the SF Bay Area along with the images from MAX BMW Motorcycles webpage.)
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