1400kms Toowoomba to Townsville, Queensland.

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1400kms Toowoomba to Townsville, Queensland.

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I started off at daybreak and made good time along the Warrego highway to Dalby where I turned north to Jandowae. The road eventually turned from a dual-lane highway to a single lane bitumen road in scrubland. I chanced apon a road train travelling the opposite direction. Those guys certainly get up a good clip on narrow country roads.
This was a trip that I first started adding waypoints to Google maps to have a readout of distance to next town. Hint... Don't use a town name as a waypoint on Google maps or it will expect you to detour via the postoffice in order to remove the town waypoint from your destination list. If you don't then there will be a voice in your ear telling you to return to the towns post office until you manually remove the waypoint yourself.
A few hours later I arrived in Monto. I decided to try a different route from Monto to Calliope via the Boyne Valley. The road quickly became quite twisty and I was having so much fun I misread a suggested-cornering-speed sign (which I add 40km/h to as a rule of thumb) going way too quick into a corner on a road I didn't know. When scanning the corner that was approaching quickly I realised it was reverse camber and a generous layer of sand had been deposited on it. In a split second decision I opted to stand the bike up and leave the road under full braking. The table drain wasn't too deep and I began braking in ernest once the wheels contacted the ground again. The bike managed to slow down and came to rest about 2 metres from a group of saplings. ABS I am certain helped save me from disaster. That got the blood pumping!
It was just after a few more kilometres of twisties that the road turned to about 50km of gravel with severe corrugations in places.
There were many concrete causeways interspersed through some beautiful valley scenery. Trees draped in hanging vines and creeks running well after recent rain. Everything was very green whichis not the norm!
Calliope to Mackay was reasonably uneventful but a good ride on a clear Spring day. I stayed overnight and then rode the remaining four hours to Townsville. I have made three such journeys in the last two months and another coming up in December. I will get some photos to add to that trip.
Here's a few photos of my last trip from Townsville to Toowoomba via Emerald, Moura and Miles.

A sign on main road in Springsure.
Night scene in main street of Springsure.
The Post Office at Springsure.
Raining on me as I am close to Moura.
The drag line digging coal from an open-cut mine near Moura.
The turn onto Warrego highway at Miles.
Entering Miles, Warrego Highway pictured.
The bike before my first trip back to Townsville, photo taken in Brisbane.
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Re: 1400kms Toowoomba to Townsville, Queensland.

Post by Steve398 »

Marvin2Shoes wrote: Tue Nov 22, 2022 11:54 pm The bike managed to slow down and came to rest about 2 metres from a group of saplings. ABS I am certain helped save me from disaster. That got the blood pumping!
Excitement like that you don't need! :lol: Pleased you've had a good rideout and enjoyed the trip, take care mate :cheers:
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